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Ilya Anisimov
Front-end Development
Soft/Hard Repair
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    40 years
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Microsoft 365
  • Personnel management
  • Staff training
  • Sales techniques
  • Cash discipline
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LITE tariff

Tariff details

This is a simple HTML site, which will be suitable as a business card or landing page. Ideal solution for promotion of goods or services, as well as for personal site: portfolio, business card, resume, freelance.

This tariff includes ready payment for hosting and domain. That is, you are guaranteed to get a working site for a year in advance! I guarantee annual maintenance of the site: edits and small improvements, changes. The site necessarily supports a mobile version, which allows you to use the site from any device. You can create an unlimited number of corporate email addresses: sales department, company director, company employee, technical mail address and so on.

The site has no control panel, which will make it difficult for you to manage it independently if you do not know the HTML language. At the same time, the site has minimal technical requirements for the server on which it will be located, including the amount of disk space (usually < 50Mb).

  • Hosting and Domain
  • Year of service
  • Mobile version
  • Corporate mail
  • SSL certificate
  • Control panel
  • Monitoring system
  • Частичный копирайт и графика
  • Basic promotion


Александр Кузьмин
Alexander Kuzmin
General Director of PZK GROUP LLC

Ilya, I want to say a huge thank you for your incredible support and professionalism. It's very important to be able to ask for help with any technical and other issues, and I feel very lucky to be able to rely on you. Always willing to help, and I appreciate the friendly approach and willingness to work through any issues to the end. I feel confident that any technical difficulties will be resolved quickly and professionally.

Игорь Галашевский
Igor Galashevsky
The Good Carpenter Company

It is very pleasant to work with Ilya, he listens attentively and offers several options for realization! It's not the first site I've made with his hands and head. Promptly makes the necessary changes, always has several options to solve your problem. The site turns out fast, convenient and understandable for the user. I asked to create a site for my construction company, Ilya did it quickly and efficiently, as well as helped with the setup of promotion and optimization. I recommend!

Екатерина Благовещенкова
Ekaterina Blagoveshchenkova
Business Time Company

Thank you for the prompt realization of the project! One of the key tasks was to create a simple, but bright and informative single page for a monoproduct. Within two days the layout of the site was already approved, Ilya understood the meaning of the project very accurately. It took a few more days to coordinate the content. The blocks are arranged very logically, and at the same time there is no information overload. A special thanks for SEO-optimization! We will definitely contact you again and recommend it to our partners and colleagues.

Кристина Кондратьева
Kristina Kondratieva

I would like to express my gratitude to Ilya. He listened to all my wishes and offered several options to choose from. As a result, we got the site as we imagined. The work was done very quickly and efficiently.

Денис Ушаков
Denis Ushakov
Event host

 Ilya made a great business card site, picked the style, helped with highlight ideas (720 battery, 110 slice of pizza), witty and tasteful. Nice minimalism. Have a look at my site, yours will turn out just as good. 😉

Татьяна Курыпова
Tatiana Kurypova
Nail studio owner

The site that Ilya made for me is beyond praise. Style, dynamics, all wishes are taken into account. Ilya is a professional. It is easy and comfortable to work with him.

Art Director "MIR KAZOKU"
Thank you Ilya for the work done работу🙏🏽. He was promptly involved in the beginning of cooperation. Then we couldn't decide what our company needed for a long time. We decided on a business card site. We were difficult customers, but Ilya coped with the task. We are satisfied with the result.

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